Goats and Tigers 2

Goats and Tigers is a brain game that is light and fun

  about the game

Goats and Tigers (Aadu Puli aatam in Tamil, Puli-Meka in Telugu, Adu-Huli in Kannada and Bagh Chal in Nepali) is a brain game that is light and fun. Goats and Tigers is a disproportionate strategy game, which means that the Goats and Tigers on the board do not possess the same properties during gameplay. The Tigers have the ability to capture goats and eliminate them from the board whereas the Goats have the power of superior numbers. The rules are simple and very easy to understand but the game is seriously engaging.

Goats and Tigers 2 is your brain gym, play it everyday and anywhere. Your wins in the game get you some awesome titles. Take the journey from being a humble Bahadur to the Royal Mahachatrapathy with this ancient brain game! So what are you waiting for! Get smarter and get those neurons firing with Goats and Tigers!

Our Unique Features include:
  • 4 Diverse Boards
  • 5 Languages including 4 Indian languages to choose from and more coming soon!
  • Exciting Power-ups
  • The Multiplayer mode for the first time in mobile Goats and Tigers games
  • The exciting option of live chats with opponents that captures the dynamics of Social gaming!
  • Exciting Titles
  • A very smart AI to contend with!

  History of Goats and Tigers

Goats and Tigers go by many names: Aadu Puli aatam in Tamil, Puli-Meka in Telugu, Adu-Huli in Kannada and Bagh Chal in Nepali. This is another great game like Chess from the Indian subcontinent! The origin of this game is lost in the echelons of time but there is some evidence that this genre of gameplay existed all across the Indian Subcontinent.

In the Indian landscape there is strong evidence of Goats and Tigers existing right from the time of great Empires. Variations of the game have been found in ancient temples across South India. Goats and Tigers is also found embedded in spaces where there were Social gatherings. A large excited crowd cheered and did a little betting during the game. This shows that this game has a folk origin with popular appeal unlike chess which had its origin in Royal courts. The Portuguese in India also seemed to enjoy this game! The game was found etched in a Portuguese fort and it seemed to be popular among the troops. Goats and Tigers is still enjoyed all over the Sub-Continent. This project attempts to recreate this game which began with Humans first drawing the board in the sand and dirt of the Indian subcontinent to a mobile platform. We envision that this would add to the rich global future that awaits us!

Asymmetric-strategy games have a common Human Heritage and can be counted among the greatest classic strategy games like Chess. The game of Fox and Geese which is a variation of an older Viking game known as Hala-tafl is also a asymmetric strategic game with another history.

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