Ludo Cricket Clash

Ludo Cricket Clash

 The fun of Ludo meets the joy of Cricket.

When you play Cricket – one of the most popular field games, in the format of Ludo – one of the most popular board games, you enjoy an absolutely fun-filled and refreshingly different gaming experience. And that’s exactly what LUDO CRICKET CLASH offers you

LUDO CRICKET CLASH is a fast-paced, super exciting board game where you’ll have to get more runs than your opponent(s) to win the game. The board is a typical 4-base design of Ludo, but here the tiles are filled with cricket-oriented occurrences like No Ball, 4s, 6s, Wicket and so on. You’ll have to roll the dice and that’ll decide how many tiles your token will move on the board. A roll may fetch you a great sixer, or oops... it may get you dismissed. It’s all to do with your destiny. And it’s this amazing unpredictability of the game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is simply fascinating experience to play your favourite cricket by rolling the dice and... keeping your fingers crossed. LUDO CRICKET CLASH offers you four awesome modes to choose from.

Online Multiplayer is a game you play against 2-4 players. There are only limited turns here, so you’ll have to claim runs fast before the end of your turns. Brace yourself for some real high-octane gaming on this mode.

Playing vs AI is pure fun as you compete against computer players. This could also turn out to be good practice sessions as you roll your way into good form (or rather ‘good fortune’) before taking on human opponents.

Pass & Play is a jolly good local multiplayer game you can play 1v1 with your family and friends. Using a single device, you take turns to play... and pass... and play...

National Premier League or NPL is a knockout-based tournament with 10 participating teams. This means, you’ll have to beat 9 of your computer opponents in a series of 9 one-on-one matches to lift the trophy. Sounds challenging, right?

So, if you’re looking for a gaming experience that’s utterly breathtaking, try LUDO CRICKET CLASH. It is new, innovative, sensational, and above all, it is cricket at its exciting best.


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