Bowling Wizards

Bowling Wizards

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NOT JUST A BOWLING GAME! Throw a ball, but definitely expect more…

Bowling games are always fun but Bowling Wizard comes with added twists and tales. Beautiful and mysterious the game has concealed surprises, magic and daring challenges. Rich visuals, complex and addictive game play with imaginative story telling makes it an unusually enjoyable game to play.

The Wizard world is in crisis. The Evil lord has cast a spell on the 'Pines' who have taken over the land and enslaved the 'Bowlons'. For them it is a do or die situation, if they want to gain their freedom back. Help the 'Bowlons' in their fight by playing and winning 'Bowling Wizards'.

Bowling Wizards includes the 5 islands of Airea, Lava, Ruins, Frosty and Magica - and each is divided into levels, featuring distinct environments and unique gameplay for each island. In the FREE download, 6 levels of the 1st island - Airea are available. All the other levels of Airea and Ruins are available through in-app purchases. The islands Lava, Frosty & magica will be made available for the purchases shorty!

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