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Mobile and Web Advergames Development

Mobile and Web games have gone beyond their fundamental role of entertainment and have graduated into influential branding tools.

Advergames are an innovative and a compelling way to capture the attention of your target audience, and encourage repeated interactions with your brand.

Unlike traditional advertising methods, Advergames are interactive. A high rate of interaction while playing web and mobile games helps the brand enjoy better proximity with the player, thereby gaining a mind share. Brand recollection is far greater when compared to most other forms of advertising.

A full custom Advergame, built around your brand, can:

  • Provide a unique environment to promote your brand
  • Fuel brand awareness
  • Highlight the benefits of your brand
  • Help the audience experience your brand
  • Have larger lifespan
  • Go viral

Nextwave Multimedia has the expertise and experience to design and develop visually attractive and strikingly creative Advergames that are oriented towards engaging your brand with your target audience.

In-Game Advertising (IGA):

Through In-Game Advertising, we can help you reach your target audience by embedding static or dynamic in-game banners of your brand in the existing web or mobile games developed by us. We have a large library of web and mobile games, ranging from arcade to action to puzzle to multi-player games.

Whether you want to develop a full custom Advergame or just integrate your brand in our developed games, we can assist you to meet your branding goals.