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Table Tennis like you've never seen it before!

Introducing the most fun, intuitive, & exciting game of 3D Ping Pong you'll ever play on a mobile or tablet... World Table Tennis Champs! The best ping pong game with super slick animations, controls & physics that will thrill your senses! Challenge your limits as you unlock fantastic 3D arenas & stages, climbing the leaderboards to success, loot & glory!

Play 3 thrilling tournaments in knockout style with exclusive rewards & become the ping pong champion! Enjoy quirky custom arcade mini games that test your table tennis game skills in unexpected ways

  • MUTATORS will challenge your pinpoint ball placement skills in a race against time.
  • TOWERS will test your fine timing & ball speed awareness.
  • RINGS will make you shoot for the hoops with daredevil flicks & pushes.
  • Coin drops test your laser targeting & give you free in-game currency to spend & so much more...!

Over 16 different 3D outdoor locations & arenas, with stunning HD graphics & ambient music! . Customize your ping pong game experience with over hundreds of paddle variations, 15 exotic tablematerials & more. Gotta unlock 'em all. Now you can truly "create a racket" & nobody will mind!

Premium Paddles empower your shots with extra speed & spin, for a killer advantage! Put your reflexes to the ultimate test against killer AIs and players of all skill levels. Swiping left & right never felt so exhilarating!

Adaptive AI that ranges from casual to absolutely brutal to offer you a perfectly ramping challenge that scales to your skill level. Smash your way through 5 increasing difficulty levels & become the ping pong king. Maximum shots similar to the real table tennis game, with variants for forehand & backhand drive, topspin, push & sidespin.

Play in portrait or landscape, one-handed works great! Change game view to near, normal or far to suit your comfort & play style. Win exciting prizes & rewards in daily challenges, spin & win & more. Get rewards just for playing ping pong!

Explore various wonders of the world in the world wonder tour & unlock exclusive cosmetics. Use one-handed gestures to intuitively hit all your table tennis shots.

Use powerful boost cards to amplify every aspect of your game! Unlock a wide variety of achievements that add to your leaderboard progress.

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