Blender for 3D! GIMP for Image editing!

After working with the best tools of the trade 3D Studio Max, MAYA and Photoshop, we took to Blender and GIMP reluctantly. We had lots of apprehensions.

GIMP, a free open source image editing software is easy to pickup, you can be up and running with it in a matter of hours. And You may need just a few days to master. The big challenge is convincing your people that free software does not mean bad. When it comes to using Open Source tools, software programmers need little convincing. But artists in India,i know from my experience need some convincing.

Blender, a free open source 3D art and animation creation tool, is formidable to master. It took us 2 months to learn Blender and start using the software in our day to day work. We are happy we did it.

These cars were modelled for a game under production

This car was modelled for a game under production

Another Car for the same game

Another car for the same game