Instructional Video on Disconnector Installation

S&S Power 245kV Disconnector long view

Full view of S&S Power 245kV Disconnector

S&S Power Switchgear Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high voltage disconnecting switches. These disconnectors are installed by their customers using an installation guide. Till recently, this guide used to be printed instructions which often resulted in incorrect assembling and testing, leading to delays. This is when S&S Power contacted Nextwave Multimedia to produce a video installation guide for two of their disconnector products – 123kV and 245kV.

245kV close up 3D animation

245kV close up 3D animation

The video was shot in HD with two cameras at their Pondicherry factory, covering the entire process – from unpacking the parts to assembling the various components and finally, testing. Voice-over and graphics aid in the communication. There are many activities during installation which are critical, and these needed to be explained in detail and with utmost clarity. 3D animation is used extensively for such areas and also for explaining the installation sequence and testing, etc. The 3D animation was developed using ‘Blender’, the Open Source software.

The final product is an interactive DVD with options to view the installation guide as a single video, explaining the process from start to finish in a linear flow, or to view videos of specific activities.