WCC Rivals at DreamHack Delhi 2019

WCC Rivals – the world’s first full-fledged multiplayer cricket game on mobile – was part of DreamHack Delhi 2019. It was great participating in the “World’s largest LAN party and computer festival” as per Guinness World Records.

For three days, from Dec 6th to 8th at NSIC Grounds, WCC fans, cricket lovers and complete strangers thronged to the curiosity that was the WCC Rivals zone. WCC Rivals united DreamHack visitors and organizers, kids and adults, anime cosplayers and volunteers, PUBG soldiers and Tekken fighters, and even other stall exhibitors! It was truly special to see so many people each of whom had come to DreamHack for different reasons all come together as bowlers, batsmen and fielders playing real and mobile cricket!

The matches were conducted in two phases:
Qualifiers (Day 1 and 2) at the WCC Rivals zone: People came to the zone and were paired off against each other head-to-head to decide the victors. We gave out T-shirts and they were happy to kit up in authentic cricket gear and take snaps. Between mobile matches, a live mini cricket game with people rotating as batsmen, bowlers and close fielders kept things exciting. People stuck waiting in the PUBG queue stared at our Rivals players with envy! Prize winnings of around Rs.20,000 were awarded. After a series of eliminations, the best two players were shortlisted for the finals on Day 3.

Finals (Day 3) on the big stage: On the same massive stage as the fighting games, a new battle – a cricket battle – of epic proportions was waged between our intrepid finalists in a best of 3 showdown. Two overs were played by batting and bowling sides, and in a well-fought match, one emerged victorious! The finals prize pool of Rs.15,000 was split between them. DreamHack Delhi was surely a great memory for all our gamers, and we look for forward to connecting with Rivals at other events too. We’ll keep you posted!