Comics Head goes on a Wild West Adventure!

The comic story portrayed here is a thrilling adventure of ‘Anarchist Annie’ against the Internet kid. The ‘gathering of the girls’ come together with a plan to fix the world from the internet fallacies of the wild west. Annie is later left to take on the kid on her own. She threatens them by causing havoc among the internet audience. Annie doesn’t give up without her demands being fulfilled. The author here, Kevin Hodgson, has set his imagination free which is essentially the essence of Comics Head and has also proved that it is a great medium to convey a message with a bit of humour. His engaging narration and funny depiction of the different characters leaves us hooked on for more. Find out what happens in this exhilarating comic as the story unravels with interesting characters and an exciting twist in the plot.

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Created by Kevin Hodgson using Comics Head