The Story of Abhiramapuram Families An Audio Visual

This is the story of the Abhiramapuram families tracing their ancestral roots, and reviving their lost family bonds.

The families had their roots in Abhiramapuram, a small village in the Thanjavur District. Most of their family members are now living in cities in India and abroad. The family was able to trace their ancestry to eight generations back.

The film documents the origin of the family and the changes encountered by them over the years.

The film was extensively shot in Abhiramapuram and five other surrounding villages. We interviewed the family members of different branches of the family.

Important events and special memories in the lives of their forefathers were portrayed through illustrated drawings. Old photographs and video footages of the families were also used to tell the story.

We did the rerecording  for the film. The background score was Carnatic based, and a Bharathiyaar song was specially rendered for the film.

Screened in the reunion of the family members, the film was well received by both the older and the younger generation.

From scripting to delivery, we completed the entire film in a short period of two weeks.