All new Comics Head v2.0

Thank you all Educators, Parents & Bloggers for your support.  With your valuable feedbacks and direct requests, here are some major changes rolling out in the new update

  • New User Interface design for easy access.
  • Create slideshows using the comics created and images from the photo library.
  • Introducing “Parental Settings” section where the sections which access the internet (like Facebook Instagram etc.) can be locked, as we received many feedbacks from users with kids, if the internet content can be controlled.
  • Infinite colors in speech bubble and paint section.
  • Lock the objects from layers section to keep them from being disturbed.
  • Tool bar for editing of speech bubble section is now attached to the keyboard.
  • Copying/Pasting simplified. Just select the “Duplicate” button from the tool bar and the object will be copied automatically next to it, as previously to copy an object user would select the “Copy” button and the tap anywhere on the screen to paste.
  • The objects can now be moved from one panel to other.
  • Adjust transparency of objects.
  • In help section, click on the icons to view respective help content, also it can be scrolled vertically to view.
  • Enhanced image quality while exporting as an image compared to previous version which was requested by many users.

Check out the following video explaining the new UI and features.

We will continue to add more features and improve the performance. Keep giving your valuable feedbacks and help us do better.