Smart Apps For Kids, Highly Recommends Comics Head!

Nextwave Multimedia’s Comics Head application was highly recommended by SmartAppsForKids, for its unlimited creative possibilities for ages 9+.

SmartAppsForKids says-

Comics Head is an excellent, all-inclusive comic-making app that is perfectly suited for upper elementary students and above. Children today are well-versed in graphic novels, comic books and cartoons, and this app from NextWave Multimedia offers a creative composing opportunity using these elements.

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Studies have shown that boys are often less interested and motivated to engage in traditional language arts activities, and this is showing up in test scores. Over the last 30 years, the U.S. Department of Education has reported each year that boys scored lower than girls on reading tests. The good news is that boys have shown more interest in non-traditional genres including comics. This app would be an excellent way to harness this interest, while also building on writing skills. There are many steps involved in composing a good comic, including graphic design, use of images, sequencing, word choice, and more. Using this app would encourage children to do all of this (and more) as they plan and create a comic….

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