Award for the Best use of Technology for U-Truck launch

Event & Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), an organization that represents the Event and Entertainment industry in India, holds EEMAX Awards every year to recognize and reward the best efforts of its members.

In the EEMAX Awards 2011, our associates, Showspace Event, won the Silver Trophy for the ‘Best use of Technology’. It was given for the launch of the Ashok Leyland’s U-Truck range. At the heart of this event was the audio-visual on U-Truck produced by Nextwave Multimedia.

The AV is a first of its kind in India. To the best of our knowledge, never before has stereoscopic 3D been used in corporate communication. By ‘stereoscopic 3D’ we mean the ‘Avatar’ kind, where you need special glasses and elements from the screen come right at you, seeming to leap out. U-Truck is Ashok Leyland’s technologically most advanced range of vehicles, a first in the industry in India.  The AV too uses a technology never before seen in a product launch in our country.

We developed ‘Mr. U-man’, a giant robot-like 3D character to represent the U-Truck range, and interacting with him on the screen was Ashok Leyland’s Executive Director – Marketing. We had 3D animations of parts and features of the truck separating out from the vehicle and coming on to the audience while Mr. U explained its features and benefits in his mechanical, super human voice.

The audience, wearing the special glasses, sat wonderstruck in their seats as they watched the aggregates of the vehicles popping out of the screen and coming right on to their faces. The EEMAX 20011 Silver Trophy for the Best use of Technology’ is truly deserved.