Nextwave goes to IIT Madras… for video production!

We have shot videos in the rugged terrains of mines, in hi-tech, state-of-the-art factories manufacturing mobile phones, heavy vehicles, earth moving equipment, tyres. We have shot in factories manufacturing various kinds of glass, and in industries manufacturing fashion garments for international brands. We have shot in BPOs, large IT offices, SEZs. We have shot in many schools and colleges…

Recently, we also shot in the hallowed campuses of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) for two videos for a production house abroad, to be shown at an international symposium on physics in the US. Below are a few working stills:

Shooting an interview with the Director of IMSc

Setting up for an outdoor shot in IMSc

Shooting an interview with a professor IMScIMG_20150204_185400285

Shooting in one the many labs that were shot in IIT-M

Shooting in a laser lab at IIT-M. Notice the safety goggles everyone is wearing.