Snakes & Ladders Version 2.0 launched on Nokia’s OVI Store

A morality-based game, Snakes & Ladders was invented by the ancient seers of India to teach the effects of karma(deeds).  The ladders and snakes represent moral ascent and descent, respectively.

Our upgraded version is based on this original, age-old, Indian theme, and has long hours of game play.

In this version, whenever you’re bitten by a snake, you’ll take a different form -  deer, insect, frog, etc. To restore the original form(human), you’ve to successfully complete a ‘Mini Snake & Ladder’ game.

When you reach the target, you’ll unlock two exciting games:

Mahjong -  A simple, musical theme based matching game.

Gold Miner – An addictive tile-based game, in which you’ve to  guide the ‘minecart’ carrying gold to reach its destination by swapping the jumbled squares to form a track. The game has infinite play levels.  So, you can have non-stop fun.

Snakes & Ladders version 2.0,  now available on Nokia’s OVI Store, will also be available on Apple’s iTunes Store, shortly.

To download the game from Nokia’s OVI Store, please click the link below: