Smt. Rukmani Devi tribute video goes viral!

The tribute video of Smt. Rukmani Devi, created by Nextwave Multimedia goes viral as Google celebrates the legend’s 112th birthday today with a Google Doodle. This was done in collaboration with Mrs. Preetha Reddy of Apollo Hospitals and we are very grateful for the wonderful opportunity. The short and crisp 7 minute video gives us true insight into Smt. Rukmani Devi’s thoughts and beliefs. The video initially talks about Art and dance in India and how everyone responds to Art and beauty. It also touches upon the divinity brought by music and dance in temples of India. The video explains how she was a rebel herself and how it could be used for constructive good to pave the way for others. The highlights on Animal welfare, Vegetarianism as a way of life and Brotherhood of all humanity are indeed thought provoking inspirations for mankind. We are very pleased that our video has been widely recognized on this day and are very thankful for the opportunity once again.

See the video here