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Digital Production Services

Give your Campaigns the Digital Edge

We work behind the scene. Keep the relationship confidential. You can partner on specific assignments of a project. Or align and pitch as a consortium.

We have solid expertise in all leading Digital Media Technologies and have the experience of developing and deploying numerous interactive campaigns around the world.

Many of the senior members of the organization have an ad agency background and fully understand the challenges of your business.

What you get

  1. Timely access to high level of expertise required to design and build digital media communication. Visualizers, Animators, Illustrators, Programmers, Solutions Architect and Testers.
  2. Being a specialist we employ the latest technology and expertise and continually enhance the our capabilities through investment in people, training and technology.
  3. Experience and knowledge from developing and successfully deploying numerous digital media campaings for clients around the world.
  4. Expertise in Web and Mobile Technologies.
  5. Expertise in Opensource and Microsoft Technologies.
  6. Cost efficiency - Removes the requirement to hire, manage and fund a digital production facility.
  7. Greater focus on your core area of expertise.

Our Services

  1. Website Design and Development (Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications, Social Networking Sites)
  2. Content Management Systems
  3. Mobile Websites and Applications
  4. Web and Mobile Games
  5. Application Development for Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, bibo,....
  6. Banner ads and Banner ads resizing - Flash ads, Expandables, Floating, Tear Backs, Video and RSS
  7. Interactive Campaigns
  8. Buliding presence in Second Life,, ...
  9. Machinima
  10. Buliding Virtual World
  11. Virals