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Virtual Worlds / MMOG

Building a Virtual World is a complicated and daunting endeavor. We can make the process as smooth and cost effective as possible.

We can create virtual worlds(2D or 2.5D) of great quality faster, and at lower cost. We have a ready, fully tested frame work with successful deployments. The frame work can be rapidly customized to suit your needs. We also have the expertise to help you strategize your virtual world by providing solutions at various levels of the evolution.

Virtual Worlds are also Massive Multiplayer Online Games(MMOG). Our Virtual Worlds Frame work is bulit with MMOG features.

You can choose from the features below and tell us the customization and additions you need, we will deploy and integrate these applications to work for your virtual world. We have the necessary knowledge to do it with a high level view on how it affects the virtual community and how you can make the most of it.

Components of our bespoke virtual world:

  • Avatar Customization
  • Safe chat - using symbols or predefined words and expressions
  • Standard chat - with optional profanity filter and language translator
  • Virtual money exchange
  • Shop virtual goods - toys, pets, clothes and accessories
  • Make Friends
  • Message your friend
  • Gift a friend
  • Host a Party/Event - Invite friends, hire musicians and have a ball
  • Mobility aids - cycle, scooter, car, bus, teleport, etc.
  • Interactive single and multiplayer games
  • Music composer
  • Parental Controls
  • Blogs from admin desk
  • Abuse reporting and moderator
  • Multilingual localization

Why Virtual Worlds?

Virtual Worlds provide opportunities to interact and communicate with users in ways not achievable through traditional mediums. Brands can create venues that interest this target group and weave their brand into the activity.

Individuals create an "avatar" (human or fantasy character) and through walking, flying or teleporting can explore the virtual world. You may acquire land, build a house, earn virtual money and shop for virtual clothes or home furnishings. You can build a virtual economy. You also form relationships, network with individuals and groups that share similar interests.

Virtual World: 2D & 2.5D VS 3D

3D based worlds generally require heavy downloads - 100 to 200 Mbs, before getting started. This puts off many users. The client system needs to be of a high configuration with graphics accelerators. Navigating the virtual 3d world takes time and practice. This is a big no with younger users and business users.

2D & 2.5D virtual worlds use Flash, which most people already have, so no downloads are required. It just takes as much time as it takes to load a flash web site. The client systems need not be of high configuration. Navigation is quick and easy.
Because of great usability of 2D worlds, you can get do a lot as an user. Unlike in 3D where one has to wait for the graphics to be drawn every time one turns or moves.