Blender Training for 3D Professionals of Small & Medium-Sized Organizations

Blender is a welcome alternative for small and medium-sized organizations working in 3D. The free open source 3D content creation suite is creating impactful changes in the world of  3D animation.

Our 3D animation team is a passionate league of Blender enthusiasts. For almost two years, we have been producing professional work for our clients using Blender. From architecture to medicine to engineering, we have worked with clients across different sectors. Over the course, we have gained considerable knowledge and experience of the software.

Now, we have equipped ourselves to  provide a comprehensive training for the 3D animation professionals of small and medium-sized organizations.

If you are an organization looking to use Blender, you could benefit from our programme.

The training will be informal with the focus on practical applications of the software. The timings are flexible. We could fix the timings in such a way that your 3D animation professionals’ regular working hours are not affected.

We can also provide consultancy services for your 3D animation projects.

For more details, please contact us at: 044-28260450, or mail to: