A Healthy World with Comics Head

Candy, burgers, sodas and fries might make ‘delicious’ treats but now they are unmasked as horrors indeed! Jamie vision to start a dietary revolution to improve the quality of life all around the world calls for support from all of us! We at Comics Head stand by his vision to create a strong movement to educate the global community at large, beginning with children to learn to eat and live healthy!


Sugar comes to us in various colors, shapes and sizes but now thanks to this creative project Chris and Jenny of Innervision Media, eating healthy has never been more exciting and appealing. This project is a serious threat to the established order that produces food that promotes obesity and constrains mobility. Comics Head is proud to partner with this powerful life affirming campaign that will definitely change the way in which we perceive food in the future! We wish you the best!!
You can download the Kindle version of the book for free from 15-17 May here:

(That’s two noughts following the B)



You can also join Jamie’s campaign to influence global healthcare policy by clicking the link below


We will be thrilled to be a partner with other campaigns/projects that seek to make the world a better place. You too can join the Comics Head family by downloading our app here:

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