Diet Plan with Chris and Jenny using Comics Head

Brace yourselves for another adventure folks as Chris and Jenny of Innervision Media take you on a healthy journey. Warning: You might become super-fit and healthy after you’re done with this comic! Why can’t health and life be fun and games? In Chris and Jenny’s project, nature becomes uber-cool and colorful as owls and his pals teach you how to eat and beat that stubborn fat. Here water can be cooler than soda and owls wiser than scientists at food factories. Nature is no longer lifeless and colorless anymore but is full of amazing stories with real life lessons for your kids. This work will really get you to look at life in a way you’ve never imagined. Comics Head is totally in awe with the way our symbols and characters were used so creatively to help kids learn to eat healthy! Thank you Chris and Jenny for partnering with us and we wish you and Innervision the best for your future campaigns and projects as well. To quote Mr Spock “Live long and prosper”

We wish you the best!!

Chris and Jenny's 7 day diet plan

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