India’s Original Social Brain Game is now live on Google Play Store on the occassion of India’s Independance Day!

Nextwave Multimedia is proud to launch India’s Original Brain Game! Goats and Tigers (Aadu Puli aatam in Tamil, Puli-Meka in Telugu, Adu-Huli in Kannada and Bagh Chal in Nepali) is a “disproportionate/asymmetrical-strategic¬” game that engaged rural India for over 3,500 years. What more Goats and Tigers 2 from Nextwave Multimedia is a fun Multiplayer Game which can also be your brain gym for the day! Enjoy this game in 4 different boards, 5 languages along with unique power-ups! So get going with Goats and Tigers 2 and get smarter by the day!

Goats and Tigers 2 is now live on Google Play Store and will soon be available on IOS as well!

You can download the game here: